Year 1


Class 1 is taught by Mrs White who is assisted by Mrs Brown.

Activity alphabet
So close!!  Just a few letters left.....I hope you enjoy looking at the updated alphabet.
L, N, O, U
Have a great half term and stay active.  Perhaps you could choose an activity for every letter of your name to have a go at each day? Or you could choose a tricky spelling and practice spelling it by doing an activity for every letter.  Whatever you do to keep busy over half term I hope you enjoy the break and have some fun.
Love from,
Mindfullness, running, skipping     Waterfight, hopping, it, trampolining, exercise 
Friday 22nd May
Please find below Maths and English activities.  
I have allocated books on using the new Collins online library to almost everyone in the class, please follow Mrs Witney's instructions for logging on and accessing your books. 
We will not be setting any work during the half term break, have a super week and stay safe.
Mrs White
Thursday 21st May
Daily English and Maths activities are below, I hope you enjoy them.
Has anyone had a go at the Sportsleader activity yet (tin and jump)? Let me know how you got on.
I think the weather today is definitely going to be hot, make sure you stay safe in the sun and keep hydrated.  Reverend Alex has prepared a video message for the school community which includes some prayers written by Class Four pupils.  Please follow the link below if you wish to view his positive message on YouTube.
Have  great day,  Mrs White  
Wednesday 20th May
I hope you are enjoying the sunshine, lots of you have been exercising outdoors this week and it has been lovely to receive photos and updates for activity alphabet - it's on the class page, have a look and  keep sending your ideas.
Maths and English tasks are below, have a great day!
Tuesday 19th May
Hello everyone.  I hope to see lots of you on Zoom this morning, I have sent the meeting ID and passwords via email.  Please make sure you have read Mrs Sargeant's safeguarding guidelines for using Zoom and remember that your child must be supervised by an adult at home during our meeting.
Maths and English tasks are here as well as an ever expanding 'Activity Alphabet', please keep sending me your photos and ideas.  Also below is an activity (Tin and Jump - video and instructions) provided by one of our fantastic Sportsleaders, I hope you enjoy it.
Have a great day,
Mrs White
Monday 18th May
Good morning everyone!  Please find below English, Maths and Phonics resources for this week.
As a school, we are promoting physical activity this week.  Under normal circumstances we would be participating in 'Walk to School week' but instead I would like to encourage you to join in with 'Walk at Home week'.   I am adding a resource below in order for your child to keep track of the physical activity that they do on a daily basis, I would love to hear about the variety of different activities that your family are doing to keep active.  
As I class, I would like us to try and create an activity alphabet to show all the physical activity that we have done this week.  I am starting us off with H for hula hooping and an A for archery as they are two things that I have enjoyed doing to keep active this weekend and during the school closure.  If you have done something to add to our activity alphabet please email to tell me what you've been doing, include a photo if possible.  There's some tricky letters, so get thinking!
Have a good day,
Mrs White
Useful resources for home learning
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