Zones of Regulation

Our School
At Great Chesterford Primary Academy, we promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in our children and their families. We aim to create an open culture around the discussion of mental health and wellbeing and to empower our children be able to regulate their emotions effectively.
As a school, we use the Zones of Regulation as a tool for children to help identify, express and manage emotions using a number of different strategies.
The Zones of Regulation 
The Zones of Regulation is a curriculum which separates emotions and feelings into four coloured zones which are easy to refer to and accessible to all. As well as identifying emotions, the Zones identify situations in which the children may find themselves which may influence which Zone they are in. It also introduces them to a number of tools and strategies which they can draw upon when needed in school or at home.
How might we feel in each Zone?
Blue Zone - Sad, unwell, tired, bored.
Green Zone - Happy, calm, focused, ready to learn.
Yellow Zone - Frustrated, worried, silly, excited.
Red Zone - Angry, terrified, elated, out of control.
There is no 'right' Zone or 'good' emotion. It is normal to experience different emotions and to be in different Zones. The strategies we teach help children to self-regulate their emotions and move into a new Zone if they feel uncomfortable where they are.
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