Autumn Term Clubs 

We have a varied selection of clubs for children to join and would like to thank the teachers and parents who volunteer to run them.  Please refer to the Club timetable above for details of this term's clubs.

Should you wish to join a club which is run internally (please check the timetable for details), please register your child, give parental consent and make payment online via SCO (  If you have not yet registered on SCO, please contact the school office who will be able to issue a registration letter to you.

Successful registration on SCO confirms that your child has a place (if you get an error message when registering on SCO this indicates the club is full).  If in doubt, there is a guide below to help you - particularly if you need assistance with a non-chargeable club.

For clubs run by external providers which are not on SCO, please download the registration letter below and return where indicated.

Once allocated a place, children are expected to attend each week except for school absence or medical appointments.  Please let the School Office know as soon as possible if your child is unable to attend.  If a child misses two sessions without good reason we will consider that your child no longer wishes to attend. 

To book your child’s place, please contact Dylan Williams of Dylan's Soccer School
Mobile: 07896177970
To book your child’s place, please complete and return the attached form to
Mental Fitness Running

The purpose of the club is to combine the benefits of exercise, fresh air and playing with evidenced informed approaches to develop better mental health. There will be a specific learning objective each week that the children can apply between sessions.

This club will differ to a traditional running club as the sport will be used as a medium to help children understand basic psychological concepts and how to apply them in their work and play. Some of the concepts that will feature in the lesson plans will be gratitude, mindfulness, acts of kindness, values in action and emotional intelligence. The children will also learn the importance of taking care of the body before and after exercise.

Music clubs

  • For lunchtime music clubs, children should be prepared to eat their hot / packed lunch quickly so they can participate in the full session and still get some fresh air in the playground before afternoon lessons begin.
  • Most learning will be done in club time, but members may also be asked to do a small amount of practice in free time.
  • Regular attendance at all music clubs is important throughout the term, especially as performances may take place on the last day of term.
Recorder club
Please contact school if you cannot provide your child with their own recorder.  All other resources will be provided.
Music Explorers club

We will be encouraging musicianship skills & musical knowledge through games and listening activities.

Please register and pay via SCOpay; and return the registration form below.
Fun Little Linguists is offering the exciting opportunity to children in Years 1 and 2 to learn Spanish. Inspiring a love of languages from a young age is at the heart of every class. Learn Spanish the fun way through songs, games and stories. 

More information and recommendations on the flyer attached. Contact to book.


Emma Stevens has been teaching yoga to all ages since 2003.  Children will learn:

  •  Approximately 30 different poses through fun games & challenges
  •  How to relax, to fall asleep quickly and to shake off any worries
  •  Positive teamwork to improve new and existing friendships
  •  New games using the parachute, hoops and balls
  •  How to improve their posture and core strength

To book your child a space please contact Emma Stevens on:

Tel: 07970 80 7389