MIND support

This year, we are pleased to continue to work alongside Abigail O’Donnell, an Educational Mental Health Practitioner working with MIND.


Abby will continue to offer weekly parent support sessions for those families with children experiencing anxiety or challenging behaviour at home. These are done with families on a 1:1 basis and don’t directly involve the child. If you feel this free service may be something you are interested in please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or Gemma Lincoln (SENCO).


Further information about the support MIND in West Essex offers families outside of school can be found at: https://www.mindinwestessex.org.uk/

“Abby offered an hour long session every week. These were individually designed for my son and his mental health needs.  These sessions taught us new coping mechanisms and strategies to build up my son’s resilience.  


The experience with Abby normalised my sons feels and emotions for me and allowed me to see solutions to help change his mind set to a more productive, happy one.  


The positive results were more than we could ever have imagined for my struggling 6 year old, myself and family. Along with the support from his school headteachers and his class teachers, Abby was able to offer us a break-through that turned my sons challenging and anxious experience of school to one of understanding and joy.”


Comments from a family who attended parent support sessions.