School Bus

Children who attend school from Littlebury, Littlebury Green, Catmere End and Strethall may travel to school by bus. Please note that this service is being phased out by ECC.

Approximate times are as follows:

8.26am Littlebury Green, Play area 3.45pm
8.27am Littlebury Green, Teasels 3.43pm
8.28am Littlebury Green, Farm 3.41pm
8.32am Catmere End, Strethall 3.37pm
8:35am Littlebury, Peggy's Walk 3.33pm
8.40am Littlebury, 'Phone Box  
  Littlebury, Bus Shelter 3.30pm
8.45am School 3.25pm

The children who travel on the bus meet in the School Hall at the end of the day. The children are registered onto the bus by a teacher. Please advise your child’s class teacher in writing when your child will not be travelling home on the bus.