Remote Learning

Since this policy was adopted, Teams has been set up and introduced for Year 6 pupils and sharing of assignments, daily virtual meetings and communication via Teams has been implemented. During a full lockdown, daily virtual class sessions were also used to support the children's emotional and social development. Where staffing levels allowed, regular small group virtual writing sessions were also used.  
Parent Testimonials (March 2021):
"Thank you for the excellent remote learning. The range of activities was varied, and the video teaching clips were excellent."
"The pre-recorded Sways were great as it gave some flexibility to when and how we fitted the activities into the day. Plus they were clear to follow for parents."
"I thought the remote learning was excellent. Screen Free Friday was also a lovely idea. Thank you! "
"Sway was great. Video recordings really helped child feel motivated and connected to the teacher."
"We were really thrilled by the material that was provided by the school. My child had a really positive experience and we are grateful to the staff."
"We have been delighted at the provision! My child has absolutely thrived as a result of all of the support and appropriate learning during this period. Heartfelt Thank You!" 
"The videos from teachers were excellent. I would also say that communication and feedback from teachers was excellent and always personal to each of my children. I think they did a brilliant job."
"We are so grateful to all the staff who have put in extraordinary effort into continuing to provide the best possible education online. It was hugely impressive and made a real difference to learning and mental health."