Fixtures and Results

Saturday 23rd March 2019
On Saturday morning, many children took part in the National Cross Country Championship.  The event took place in Loughborough and there was an average of 300 children in each race.  Although there were injuries, everyone's determination helped them to get to the finishing line in a good position.  The distance for Year 5 and 6 was 2.5km and for Year 4 and 2.2km  all the children worked hard and tried their best. 
Erin, Sports Leader
Thank you to Mrs Georgina Dunlop for her enthusiasm and promoting running and encouraging children to compete at such a high level and to the dedicated parents who supported this event. 
Wednesday 21st June 2018
Last week over 30 KS2 children took part in an athletics event at Carver Barracks, Wimbish.  There were some fantastic individual achievements as well as excellent behaviour from our pupils.  We were particularly proud of the attitude of those pupils who volunteered for extra events, it is great to see that you are happy to have a go and represent the school.  Many thanks to the parents and staff who supported the event and contributed to the positive atmosphere.  We finished the event in second place - a fantastic achievement.
Certificates will be handed out in assembly on Friday 29th June.

Wednesday 25th April 2018    Three Tees Cricket

Written by Theo and Niah (Year 2)

We split into 5 five groups and went to different pitches.  Niah’s team won one round but not the other match.  I was a fielder and a batter.  Theo’s team won both but both matches were against people that hadn’t played before.  The first match we won 39-29 and the second match was 56-51.  Thank you to all the adults that came to help us.  We really want to go again!

Essex Cross Country Finals (Thursday 19th and Friday 20th April 2018)

 On Thursday a group of Year 4 boys competed in the Essex Finals, which is a running race.  They enjoyed taking part, representing the school and seeing the lovely view of the ships on the estuary.  Also they did especially well by finishing first!


 On Friday the people who had got through as individual runners (Ezra, Raphael, Laurence, Edward and Billy) had their turn.  They all tried their best and had a great day in the sun.  Most races had 140 children in, the fastest young runners in Essex.  Ezra came 52nd, Raphael came 7th, Laurence came 24th, Edward came 6th and Billy came 4th.  Well done to everybody who took part and thank you to the parents who provided transport and support.


 Report by Billy, Sports Leader


 In our weekly celebration assembly we applauded the hard work and efforts of our runners and coach, Mrs Dunlop.